Oficians en Estados Unidos


Offices in USA

In 2020 Gomelast opens the doors of its office located in the state of Florida, USA with a warehouse in Shelby, NC. In this way, it is positioned closer to its customers in North America and provide a better quality service for them.

Global Market

Through the years Gomelast has developed markets in more than 12 countries in the Americas from Canada to Patagonia, successfully selling our covered elastic yarns, both with a Spandex core and a Rubber core.

Oficians en Estados Unidos


Oficians en Estados Unidos


Exclusive representatives

We are the exclusive representative of Hyosung for Peru, Venezuela and Canada, with its CREORA® Spandex products and its portfolio of Special Nylon and Polyester Fibers. At the same time, Gomelast represents the LUREX® company with its metallized filaments and RECOVER® yarns from Hilaturas Ferre (regenerated cotton).

Product development and innovation

We are focused on offering value alternatives in antimicrobial yarns such as Aerosilver®, Polyester with cotton hand like Cotna®, Polyester with COOL TOUCH such as Askin®, the only 100% recycled polymer Spandex such as Spandex Creora® Regen ®, among other products. Gomelast is always looking for new innovations in fibers, a promise to our clients to always provide best quality and new products. Contact us if you want to know more about our performance fibers.

Oficians en Estados Unidos



•Continuously improve production to provide better quality.
•Incorporate new technologies that allow a balance between the sustainability of our environment and our processes.
•Achieving growth and customer growth and the achievement of short- and medium-term goals.


To be the leading company in the manufacture and distribution of covered yarns and raw materials in the domestic and international market.





We offer products with added value, excellent quality and at very competitive prices.



State-of-the-art factory in Peru and Venezuela, strive to educate and improve our team to ensure excellent development at all levels.



The solidity of the company and the well-being of its people gives us satisfaction and motivates us to be better and allow our clients to growth as well.



Working with strict adherence to ethics and respect for the environment is what makes THE GOMELAST GROUP turn resources into excellent products.



With our people, business and future.


  • Santiago Blanco Photo

    Santiago Blanco

    Sales Coordinator

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  • Guillermo Geraldino Photo

    Guillermo Geraldino

    Commercial Technical Advisor

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  • Segundo Rubio Photo

    Segundo Rubio

    Sales Executive

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  • Alejandro Avendaño Photo

    Alejandro Avendaño

    Sales Executive

    email icon (+51) 998 385 733

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  • Bryan Fuhrman Photo

    Bryan Fuhrman

    Sales Executive USA/MC

    email icon +1 (305) 748-1202

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Abraham Borgman Photo

Abraham Borgman

Director Grupo Gomelast

Ygo Borgman Photo

Ygo Borgman

Director Grupo Gomelast

Mariel Huamani Photo

Mariel Huamani

Jefe Administrativa

Enrique Acosta Photo

Enrique Acosta

Gerente de Planta y Operaciones